Baia Dos Golfinhos

About an hour and a half drive south of the city Natal, in the State Rio Grande do Norte, is a magical coastal village called Praia da Pipa.  One of the surfing teachers I met in Pipa told me I must check out the Baia dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Bay) while I am here.  He guaranteed me I would be able to swim with Dolphins if I went there.

The next day, which was my second last day in Pipa, my friend and I made the sketchy trek along the different bays from Praia Principal to Baia dos Golfinhos. We took our Go Pros along with to make sure we could capture any Dolphin sightings. Once we arrived there we realised that both our Go Pro’s had run out of battery. So we were able to swim the Dolphins but we were not able to capture on our Go Pros.
My friend was leaving early the next morning but my bus didn’t leave till lunchtime. So I decided I would wake up early the next morning, armed with a full charged Go Pro and go try and video the Dolphins. I did not get to sleep till 3am that night as we were out at the street parties that happened each night after the World Cup matches.

With just four hours of sleep I still got up at 7am. It was pouring rain outside. Despite this I decided I would still go as planned rationalizing that this was my only opportunity.

It was still raining, when I go to Baia dos Golfinhos, so I was the only one at the beach. I went out in to the water and was fortunate enough to go for a swim surrounded by five or six Dolphins.

After spending 30 minutes swimming I came back out to the beach. The rain had stopped and the sun was breaking through the clouds, it was a surreal morning. I decided to go for a walk to the other side of the beach thinking this morning could not get any better.

Then I was presented with a real treat. From a distance I noticed some black marks on the beach. When I got closer I was blessed to witness baby sea turtles hatching and taking to the water for the first time.

Life is truly beautiful.

Baia Dos Golfinhos 4

Baia Dos Golfinhos 14

Baia Dos Golfinhos 13

Baia Dos Golfinhos 12

Baia Dos Golfinhos 11

Baia Dos Golfinhos 10

Baia Dos Golfinhos 9

Baia Dos Golfinhos 8

Baia Dos Golfinhos 7

Baia Dos Golfinhos 6

Baia Dos Golfinhos 5


Baia Dos Golfinhos 3

Baia Dos Golfinhos 2

Baia Dos Golfinhos 1

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