My first day in Santiago

It was Septermber 2012, the third day of my first trip to South America.  I was in Santiago, the Capital of Chile.  A friend recommended I visit the Centro Artesanal Santa Lucía.   It’s a three minute walk from the Santa Lucia Metro Station and just off the busy Liber Bernardo O’Higgins.  This market was the perfect place to buy souvenirs and gifts to take back home.  It’s well worth a visit on your way to the beautiful Cerro Santa Lucía (Santa Lucia hilll).

I entered the market and after wandering around for thirty minutes I started to sneeze uncontrollably. I noticed others at the market also started sneezing.  Then I realised that some of the shop owners started to close down their stalls.  I decided to make my way back on to the street. But I couldn’t…

Student Riots in Santiago Chile

The metal gate at the entrance of the market was closed.  I walked up to the gate and all I could see were two people on the street waving some flags. I noticed a local asking the man at the gate if he could get out and I followed it him out on to the street.  I looked to to left and what I saw a full blown riot.  The tear gas was what was causing everyone at the market to sneeze. The rioters were demanding more public funding for higher education.

This is what I saw.

Chilean Riot Police

Chilean Riot Police



Chilean Student Riots

                                                           Chilean Student Riots



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